हिमानी यसकारण पारसबाट टाढा भाग्छिन (भिडियो)

Former prince Paras Shah especially known as by his illegal work rather than Son of ex king Gyanendra Shah. Himani Shah a wife of former prince has not good relationship with paras shah.Here is some things which Himani shares through the interview. One of the most controversial royal family member in Nepali royalty – Paras Shah has gone trough a very tough time in his life.

A prince without a hope to ascent to the throne – suddenly and unexpectedly became the crown prince. But, before he could enjoy the princehood and wait to be crowned – monarchy was abolished.Paras was uncontrollable. He wouldn’t listen to his parents or anybody else. When sober he behaves perfectly normally. But, under the influence of alcohol, he becomes uncontrollable. Every time he makes a mess, he usually is drunk. So, most of the incidents have happened in restaurants and hotels.

7 months after marrying Himani in Aug. 2000 – Paras allegedly killed well known singer Praveen Gurung when he ran his vehicle over him. Huge protest against Paras was organized. According to a BBC News, more than 600,000 people signed a petition to the late King Birendra demanding an action against Paras. Paras didn’t face any charges. But, an army officer later claimed the responsibility for the incident.

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