यो गाउँमा के भयो… तुरुन्तै भिडियो हेर्नुहोला Bhagya Neupane पुग्दा चल्यो रुवाबासी

The Western Hotel Association Pokhara has formed a ‘crisis management committee’ in order to fight the adverse situation created as a result of Coronavirus. The committee has been formed under the convenorship of the Association chair Bikal Tulachan. The committee was formed by a gathering of hotel entrepreneurs held on Saturday in order to discuss ways to sustain the business. On the occasion, the Association urged its member hotels to exercise food hygiene and pay attention to human health considering the negative impact of COVID-19 on the tourism sector.

Speaking on the occasion, the Association Chair Tulachan pointed out the need to generate awareness about human health and food hygiene. Every hotel staff, tourist and consumers too need to play their part in this.The Association has also decided to run a campaign to promote domestic tourism and for this given some concession in the menu. A decision was also taken to urge the government to announce special relief package in order to secure the investment in the hotel sector.

Meanwhile, the committee will work to develop a strategy against the negative impact on the tourism sector as a result of the corona virus, discuss with Nepal Rastra Bank, Tourism Ministry and the Finance Minister for relief and other subsidies. The participants of the gathering also emphasized on the need to publicize the fact that no a single case of infection has been reported in Nepal.

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